About Us


About Us


“We want our customers to receive the best quality for the best price but we are also passionate about cultivating a more transparent and sustainable jewellery industry. Our family used to trade in natural diamonds but seeing its impact on the environment, we opened Nadora Jewellery to promote change, now we strive to set new standards for ethical business practices, as mining diamonds puts a strain on local communities and as well as harms the environment around them by polluting the air and water.”

Harsh Shah
Founder of Nadora Jewellery

Launched in 2019 and helmed by diamantaire Harsh Shah, Nadora Jewellery is a luxury jewellery line that indulges in creating statement-making yet eco-friendly diamond sets.

Drawing on the legacy and wisdom of three generations of diamond setters, the jewellery house draws inspiration from veganism in order to restate their commitment to be ethical and eco-friendly. In order to combat iniquitous labour and in their collective effort to reduce carbon footprint, Nadora Jewellery harnesses the new-age technique of Lab Grown Diamonds.

With the motto of ‘Beauty without destruction’, Nadora Jewellery works with conflict free diamond sets while infusing contemporary energy into traditional pieces.

Diamonds are forever is a famous tagline within the diamond industry. It gives the assurance and belief of diamonds and its worthiness. We are taking a step forward. We believe in having diamonds forever without damaging mother earth. We at Nadora Jewellery offer you a wide range of conflict free diamond jewellery. This way you can make more happy memories with our peaceful eco-friendly jewellery. We are 3rd Generation diamond dealers. With the changes going around in the world and more people turning vegan and eco-friendly, we have decided to make your jewellery in a vegan or bloodless way, by walking away from the bloodshed and cheated labour and by embracing the bloodless Lab Grown Diamonds.

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