For every purchase we plant 5 trees.

Diamond mining has caused a considerable impact on our environment. Due to diamond mining large holes are being dug into the earth, ground water is being polluted, wildlife is disrupted. We at Nadora Jewellery are partnering with the One Tree Planted organization to reverse this damage by planting 5 trees for every piece of jewellery we sell.

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Nadora Jewellery shares the same concern for the environment and its well-being as One Tree Planted. It is important to plant new trees continuously, which helps the process of reforestation, bio-diversity creation and generates new eco-conscious employment.

Nadora Jewellery will therefor sponsor the planting of five trees for every purchase made online with us. The new trees that we planted with the help of your purchases will make it possible to enable reforestation in North America, South America, Africa and Asia, where people have suffered the most due to the mining of diamonds.

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1) Air: Trees are responsible for absorbing the harmful pollutants and converting the bad air to good air in the form of clean oxygen they release which is necessary for our breathing process.


2) Climate: The carbon dioxide emission and other pollutants present in the atmosphere are absorbed by trees are converted to clean air and help in regulating the climate.

3) Water: Trees purify the rainwater, prevent floods and helps to maintain the Earth’s water reserves

4) Bio-diversity: The trees in a forest provide a natural habitat to many life-forms and are necessary for our eco-system to survive.

5) Social impact: The process of planting and nurturing trees provides employment and security to workers in many communities and countries.

6) Health: Trees in nature act as stress busters and help in recovery and promote overall wellbeing to people.

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One Tree Planted is involved in this project in four continents around the world: North America, South America, Africa and Asia. The focus of reforestation is wildfire restoration, bio-diversity, expansion of habitat, agroforestry and food security. They also provide social impact and help in maintaining the water cycle.

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